Rainy Day Funness!

There are many rainy days at this time of year, although I do admit we have them most of the year in England. One of the hardest challenges I have faced as my children have got to the age of 3 and above is how best to occupy them when we need to spend all day at home. The second hardest challenge is what to do that will occupy both of them; with Riley now at school, he has jumped ahead quite a bit and I am now able to see a gap between their abilities.

I love being creative and crafty – something you will see recurrently! But one thing I hadn’t done with them so far was face painting; so this weekend when it rained you can guess what we did…

I chose quite a cheap set as they didn’t have much choice at the local craft shop, although possibly because they were cheaper I found that they were hard to apply, greasy and stained the skin. It was, however, lucky they didn’t cost much, as I thought it would be fun for the children to have a go – and lets just say the only thing worth using them on at the end of the session was the inside of the bin!

I found this was a great activity for both ages (3 and a half to 5) and it kept them happy for about an hour. The only aspect I think I should have explained to them was waiting for their turn, as one would get fidgety whilst I was painting the other. When they came to painting me they loved it and teamed up to make me look ridiculous the little monkeys!

This is what I gave them to work from...

This is what I gave them to work from…

This is their interpretation :D

This is their interpretation 😀

I think if we do this activity again I will choose better quality paints so they will look more effective – and only use them on the children, not the other way around!

I’ll be posting up a link soon to my Rainy Day Funness board on Pinterest – keep a look out!




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