Sometimes it’s the simple things in life

Today was just another Tuesday, with my daughter and I pottering around until it was time for her to go to nursery. I normally have a lot of housework to do but I know how important it is to keep her entertained so often it doesn’t get done (hence why I always have a lot!). Today however was a light bulb moment; after receiving a parcel and emptying the box, my daughter asked if she could do some drawing.

(OK this is when the light bulb came on)

How fun would it be to let her rip on the box! So we got out the felt tips (a treat as they’re normally only allowed out for her older brother), and we got the wipe clean cloth off the dining table, and off she went!

She had a ball! I only caught this shot early on but she must have been busy for at least half an hour, plenty of time for me to get her lunch ready.

And when she’d finished I cut her a little window out of the bottom so she could use it as a little den as well…

She really enjoyed this activity and it was free, which was great for me too! Sometimes it really is the simple things in life that bring the most joy.


One thought on “Sometimes it’s the simple things in life

  1. Awwwh – this is super cute and such a simple idea – I love it! Takes me back to when my little girl was much younger, she loved playing with empty boxes too! Forget all the toys with shiny lights and beeping – an empty box & imagination kept her happy for hours 🙂 Great post!! Karen x


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