Ready, steady, make!

Forget the Great British Bake Off this is the Great British Make Off!

It was World Book Day yesterday, hasn’t that come back round again fast? It seems every other month they are inventing new ‘days’ to give kids the excuse to skip their uniform and parents the reason for a mad panic!

Now the problem I have is I am a bit of a craft freak and a slight perfectionist. Add to that a tad disorganised and I get the result of total chaos a week before the big ‘day’, running around Hobbycraft grabbing anything and everything I can use to make a costume, like an episode of Supermarket Sweep!

Following from that comes two or three nights of planning and creating to find I probably over thought the whole thing and that my child isn’t really that keen to dress up anyway…

So this year I decided to choose her favourite book as it happens to be Room on The Broom at the moment – easy, so I thought it’s basically just a witches costume. Oh wait, it’s March and no where sells witches costumes at the moment, and she is a bit more colourful than your standard Wicked Witch of The East.

Here she is … I was fairly lucky as I managed to buy someone’s second hand hat off a sale page on Facebook (those things are great if you have one for your local area, usually stuff is quite reasonable in price) and I made the plait from orange wool I already had. The bow was just some yellow felt which I shaped and drew red spots on with a Sharpie (shh – cheat). The wand was a stripey straw that hubby got as a novelty gift at Christmas and some more felt was used to make the star.

Luckily she already had a red cardigan and the cape was just a bin liner with the bottom cut off (how easy is that!). Now the skirt was where I failed as I went and bought material, only to discover it wasn’t the right colour – I know, how hard is it to find purple, but it really was – so I remembered she had an old dress up skirt I was about to throw out anyway, so I took to it with the scissors!

I was really happy with the end result and she will continue to wear the hat long after this week has gone.

One thing I need to remember is that this is an annual event and you can probably Google what date it will be next year right now, so next time I won’t blame the school for giving us 7 days notice and plan ahead! All I can say is thank goodness my son didn’t want to take part…

For ideas to get your crafty fingers tingling for next year check out my World Book Day Ideas board on Pinterest!

(Just please remember if your child wants to go as Katniss Everdean best to leave the bow and arrows at home!)


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