Something unique for Mother’s Day

I am sure I am not the only person who every year wonders what on earth to get my mum for Mother’s Day. Then you go and have children and it gets worse because now you have to think of something to get from them as well!

I have always prided myself on being a good present giver (no known complaints yet anyway!) and I like to think outside the box before I rely on the old faithfuls. As it’s Mother’s Day this weekend I wanted to come up with something quick and simple but also unique for my mum from my children, something I couldn’t buy.

The ‘palmsy’ was born. No I don’t think I’ve lost the plot just yet, it’s the name I came up with for a pansy made out of palms! Stick with me, it will become clear I promise.

So at this point I decided I wanted to try something different, something unique and it had to be something crafty (I just can’t help myself) and so my eyes fell on a white canvas board I’d been saving for a different project. I wanted to make a canvas for my mum but I wanted it to be from the children and what better way but to incorporate their handprints? I went through a few ideas in my head but just kept coming back to the idea of a flower with their hands as the petals.

My mum loves purple and I thought pink would really compliment that so those were the colours I chose. However, I decided to use Acrylic paints and the set I had didn’t have purple so I mixed the red and blue – just a hint try mixing a small quantity first, rather than half a tube like I did only to find it isn’t the right colour! – that’s right, I mixed it and it was way darker than I had wanted it to be, but I didn’t have much paint left so I just went with it. I rubbed Vaseline (or petroleum jelly equivalent) over my son’s hand before adding the paint in a bid to make it easier to remove at the end – I think this worked although it is still quite messy so don’t forget overalls, table coverings and plenty of baby wipes! I then helped him place his hand one step at a time around the board. As you’ll see from my picture I started with the yellow centre first to help me work around – I found however, that to make it stand out I needed to go over it a couple of times after the handprints had dried.

Once my son’s prints had dried, my daughter did hers. After all the paint had dried it looked like an abstract pansy! (Hence the creation of the palmsy)

I chose not to make it central so I could stamp a message underneath but this is a personal choice.

I found this project was quick to begin with, but as I chose to add more layers to the centre it took a couple of nights with drying time in between. I also didn’t want the purple to be as dark but I think it does work, next time I’ll make sure I test the colour first.

Mother's Day Palmsy

Mother’s Day Palmsy


I hope you like the final product and find inspiration to create your own unique gift this Mother’s Day, and if the children can have fun at the same time then it’s even better!




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