Beware of the lions!

You’ve all heard of the phrase never wake a sleeping lion, right? Or at least that’s how I think it goes… Anyway, for the last 4 months we have had a recurrent and increasing problem with a sleeping lion in our bed! I refer to that of my daughter when using the term sleeping lion, but it could relate to any child really as long as they fall into the criteria of magically appearing…

  • Next to you
  • At the bottom of your feet
  • Half on top of you, or my daughter’s favourite,
  • In the middle of you and your partner  

They then proceed to go from borderline coma to screaming the house down the second you try to take them back to their bed! So you’ll try and put up with it, sleeping in all angles, giving up your pillow and your half of the quilt trying desperately not to wake them.

Some nights I get quite irritable about the situation and I rush her back to bed the minute she appears, taking the chance I will upset her, and then begging her to calm down before she wakes her lion shaped brother in the other room. Other times, my partner just can’t be bothered to move her so she will remain snuggled with him until morning, and on the odd occasion the alarm goes off before you even notice she’s been there all night! 

This has been going on for too long now and we really need to figure out an action plan. OK she’s only 3, ‘she’s hardly going to do this forever’ some may say, but it’s doing nothing for our sleep patterns as it often means being disturbed in the middle of the night, sometimes more than once, and as for anything else that might happen in the bedroom – no chance!

It’s late, and as I lie here falling asleep while writing this post I can’t see what the solution is at this moment (I’m sorry I couldn’t give you an answer if you are dealing with this too), but whether it’s a phase or a habit we will ride out the storm for no doubt another restless night and work out what to do in the morning. zzzzZZZZ 

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