Fake Baking

I have often looked in the home baking aisle at the supermarket and steered well clear of the ready to make cake mixes for kids. There is something about them I just don’t like – probably the assumed high sugar and food colouring content. I like to be able to control the ingredients and quantity I want, however last weekend we were given one by my mum and dad to take home and as we had some time spare this morning before my daughter went to nursery you can guess what she wanted to do. OK, so I was resenting this idea a little but I thought what the heck!

A little under 20 minutes later and the cake mix was whisked to within an inch of its life, the cases were filled per box instructions, and apart from a few drips of cake mix to clean up it had been quite painless and most of all, I found it was fairly easy to let her do most of the work, which is always the fun bit for any child.

The cakes only took 15 minutes to bake, however these were described as ‘butterfly’ cakes – you know the ones where you cut off the top to make the wings – only there wasn’t anything to cut off! The cake mixture was put together as it said on the box, and all the cases had an even amount, but they just didn’t rise like it showed on the box – as you can see on the picture bottom right! If we had cut the tops of these cakes there would be next to nothing left underneath.

In the end we made do with icing the cakes the good old fashioned way, even adding some food colouring, as everything in my daughter’s life has to be pink(!) But if I ‘m totally honest I was a little disappointed that they didn’t turn out how they should.

As I said to begin with I was a bit unsure on using these pre-boxed cake mixes, but for overall ease and fun factor for my child I would give them an 8/10. For actually turning out how they look on the box – on this occasion – “nul points”!




4 thoughts on “Fake Baking

  1. I used to love these boxes as a child but as you’ve said yourself I’m dubious of them and can now see why my mum always said no! I do have to steer my boy away from them in the supermarket because the bright coloured pictures always attract him like a moth to a flame-their selling tactic I’m sure.


    • Isn’t everything that is bad for kids?! Bright colours, with in easy reach, and worst of all full of rubbish. I really wish the Government would step up and address these issues.
      Thanks for taking time to read my post today 👍😊

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