First day of Spring!

This is definitely a happy time of year for me…

  • I love the brighter mornings and evenings (who wants to get up for work in the dark?!),
  • The smell of freshly cut grass – that smell is just the best!
  • Actually being able to wash my car without the risk of catching Pneumonia
  • Being able to feel the sun on my face without the need of a coat (OK I know that’s rare in the UK for March – so when it happens it’s magic)
  • Hearing the birds chirping on the walk to pick my son up from school – it really is the little things
  • And finally…being able to let my two little monkeys out of the cage – I do mean the kids by the way (hehe). They love being outside whenever possible but it is really hard for me to let them out in the winter – i’m slightly OCD about muddy clothes!

So you can imagine with the temperature finally in the teens the first place they landed when they go home from school was the back garden! However, we don’t have much of a garden at the moment – it’s on the never ending to-do list – so I had a light bulb moment! Why not get the chalk out and let them run-a-muck all over the slabs? They absolutely loved it. It was like handing them a giant piece of paper, but the best thing is when the rain comes they can do it all again.

Mummy's rainbow

Mummy’s rainbow



What colour is this?

What colour is this?

'Family' in chalk, on pavement!

‘Family’ in chalk, on pavement!

Mission complete!

Mission complete!

I am a big fan of cheap and free little activities for kids to do. They really don’t need loads of money spent on them all the time, and it means when we do take them out on expensive trips out they actually appreciate it 🙂





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