Fake Baking Round 2!

Well the competition between me and ready-to-go cake mixes has unintentionally carried on, but this time the gloves have come off! After needing to bake for a charity cake sale at work this week, I wanted to try something different to my basic vanilla or chocolate cupcakes. So wandering down the baking aisle totting up the cost of all the random ingredients I needed to try carrot cakes (there are so many little things in them), my eyes fell on a bag of carrot cake mix – what a wonderful invention (and more cost effective than having masses of stuff left in the cupboard, which you are never going to use up!)

Easy cake mix happy days

Easy cake mix happy days

It was super easy all I needed to add was water and sunflower oil straight into my pretty red Kenwood mixer.




After a quick whizz in Betty (yes I named my mixer) it was all ready for the pan!


OK so I know it looks like vomit…

FullSizeRender (9)


…So here’s the part where I’m nervous…will they rise or fail to materialise like the kiddies cakes??



Hurrah! It actually did what it said on the packet and at this point the house smelt amazing! – actually that lasted for a couple of hours 🙂 Only problem was I left them a bit too long and they were too burnt on top for my liking. I then decided it would probably work better if I chopped off the tops…

The smell was getting better at this point!

The smell was getting better at this point!



Jessica loved scooping out the spare bits of cake from the tops little rascal! I wrapped them up then until ready for icing.

I have always loved carrot cake but it wasn’t until I started touring the coffee shops of England that I realised some people iced them with cream cheese frosting – my mum always did them plain – so of course that’s what I decided to put on these cakes. They were going to look and taste amazing…or so I thought! Enter a disastrous cream cheese frosting adventure. It was sloppy and the piping bag just didn’t want to know.

So after all of that I am now faced with a set of measly decorated, poorly iced, oversized cupcakes which taste amazing but the sloppy frosting will probably turn everyone off before they even get to try them.

I now officially hate cream cheese frosting!

I now officially hate cream cheese frosting!


Good job I made a batch of my old faithful chocolate cupcakes too! 🙂



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