Well it is great to be back online! After what feels like a lifetime of revision my exam is in a few days and then I can get my typing fingers back in action…

This last week has been half term and normally I would fill my posts with all the exciting things the kids have done, but today I wanted to tell you about something fun I have done.

I’ve always been a little obsessive with taking photos, ever since I got my hands on my first camera. There is something about capturing a moment in time and keeping it forever. But as technology has developed my basic 8 megapixel cam has become somewhat redundant. Now I love taking pictures on my iPhone but what I love even more is editing them using various apps.

My favourite app at the moment (and this post is not sponsored by the way) is Enlight! It does a lot of fancy things I don’t really know how to use (I’m no pro yet!), but there are a couple of features I’ve been playing around with this week.The first is picking out the colour in a black and white photo. I think it is a really cool effect however I wish I could use a stylus to get them more defined – my chubby digits don’t cut it. Secondly, is the mode of changing your picture into a painting. On similar apps I don’t really like this effect as it can really distort the original picture, but with Enlight I can still see it clearly and I think it makes it look pretty for a painting without paint.

Now many people will probably read this and go, I remember the day when mother nature created the light filters, and the only time you could write a slogan on a photo was with a permanent marker, and I kind of agree. Using DSLR cameras and having the expertise to get the perfect shot is a skill I hope to master at some point in my life, but right now, having the chance to create simple but effective ‘faketography’ that I can keep in my back pocket gives me quite a buzz!

I hope to keep doing more of these shots as this effect is quite addictive. I have even entered them in an online competition through the app Snapprix. I don’t think I’ll win much yet but it is fun to keep an eye on any progress!

So I say grab your phone this week and take loads of random pictures, play about with all the fun apps on the market and capture some memories 🙂

From the top, 'Buttercup', 'The windmill at Avoncroft', 'Wildflower'

Original shots and after edit with Enlight. From the top, ‘Buttercup’, ‘The windmill at Avoncroft’, ‘Wildflower’

I even planned on making sculptures out of Plasticine and using them to take some cute shots but all I came out with was a rainbow! (I’m a bit of a geek)

'Rainbow in Plasticine'



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