My Seven Weeks of Summer!

Week 1

Well the first week is over and I must say it’s gone quick! As parents I bet you are all silently hoping the rest go as quick (I know I am – hehe!)

I have always found the first week of any holiday is a tough one, the kids aren’t sure – at this age – what on earth has happened to their rigid routine, they don’t know what to fill the many hours in their day with. In fact I have found the freedom gets to them for the first couple of days and they go a little crazy and their bedtimes aren’t as settled. This is why I always plan a timetable of activities. I find it helps them to focus on something and to have a little structure to their day.


So first up this week we borrowed the Lego from my mum and dad (we haven’t got round to getting any yet!) and this has proven really fun especially for my eldest, he plays with it for ages when we go round. Rather than just letting them make a mess by tipping the contents of the box everywhere I spotted a salad bowl in the cupboard which we never use and it worked well to keep them in one place. I gave them little themes of things they could build and they loved it!


I couldn’t help joining in!

FullSizeRender (5)


The activity for today was one I was really looking forward to! My children love Playdoh – who doesn’t right? Well with the amazing Pinterest there we some great links to Playdoh mats. These are fun printables which give your children a base to develop a picture. They do all sorts such as the garden bed below, people, tree branches and more! Now I never got chance to laminate mine, but this is a great tip as you can just wipe them and reuse them! There were lots of options but I got ours from Picklebums. The kids enjoyed this one, but surprisingly my daughter who is 3 spent longer on this task so it may be more suited to little ones rather than school age children.

FullSizeRender (4)

Sorry, at it again!

FullSizeRender (6)     FullSizeRender (8)   FullSizeRender (7)


Day with daddy today and it was pretty chilled. Lots of free play and my daughter decided to spend the day as a Gruffalo (she’s worn this outfit more than her brother and it was his to begin with!)

Dress up is a great way to let the imagination run. I really think it is something that should be encouraged, it can take them to different worlds, allows them to communicate and develop confidence. I want to expand our collection but my son isn’t much of a fan. A great place to look for costumes if you don’t want to make stuff yourself, is Mothercare. Their Early Learning Centre departments have quite a good range.

FullSizeRender (2)


Another day with daddy today – bless him he is a good dad but he does seem to need a bit of persuasion to entertain them. As I was at work all day I figured keeping it simple was the way to go! So I found a really simple butterfly cake recipe and I was really impressed with the finished result! The kids love baking, any chance to get stuck in, make a mess and lick the spoon and they are there! They were well tasty too…

FullSizeRender (3)


Not much planned for today as I was working in the morning, but my daughter had her graduation at nursery. I didn’t even know they did these but apparently it is the done thing these days. It was so cute though, they all got a certificate and they had a brilliant entertainer! I am feeling bittersweet about this transition, it is exciting to see her grow but I can’t help but wish she could stay this young forever 😦 So proud of how well behaved she has been though, I only hope it continues through school.


Well that has been our first week of summer! Lots of things going on, but so much more still to come…

Till next week,



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