My Seven Weeks of Summer!

Week 2

Hey guys, week two already? How time flies when you’re having fun, or generally living a madly busy life without the kids being on summer break at the same time!

So this week has been great fun. We kicked it off with a little engineering experiment. After finding this activity on Pinterest I knew we had to have a go. It looked relatively simple and I knew my son would enjoy a little challenge. So what am I on about? A recycled loo roll marble run of course! We found cutting some in half worked better for slopes and then allowing to drop through whole tubes so it didn’t ping off. Unfortunately using masking tape was a fail. It was good at not pulling off the wall paper but it lasted on the wall for about a day – so use something stronger if you can! This activity was good at getting the children to work in a team, they both had a role and there weren’t too many squabbles; until they started racing the marbles that is!



Today turned out to be a bit of a fluke, with two appointments at either end of the day I knew I had to find something which would be time savvy. Originally I had planned to go to a local National Trust property, but unfortunately it rained (when has it not this month!), so instead we had a quick planning session at the side of the road and made a diversion into town to go and see Pixar’s new film ‘Inside Out’.

inside out

(If you go to a Cineworld cinema you can save 10% by booking through ‘mycineworld’ online or through the app)

I always find it tricky getting our children to sit still through a whole film especially with the immense amount of trailers. I thought the film was really good, quite funny even for grown ups at times. However I thought the concept of the characters being emotions inside someone’s head which think and talk for them and store memories, a bit of a hard one for younger children to grasp. I think they enjoyed the characters individually but they didn’t really understand their role in the film. I would give it 7/10.

Little experiement

Later in the week I wanted to have a go at making ice lollies. Could I find moulds anywhere? No, why? Well apparently even though it wasn’t even August at this point, all the supermarkets decided to remove all their summer gear and get ready to send the kids back to school! Luckily I spotted some in my local newsagent for £1- Bargain!

I had a go at making an ice lolly and an ice cream with fresh strawberries. The lollies were easy, I chose apple juice from concentrate and watered it down with a 1/3 water. With the ice cream I tried to move quickly as it’s not recommended to re-freeze melted ice cream. I left them over night and they were done. This is where I realised the ice cream idea didn’t quite work out. Unfortunately as it was so soft it had not gripped the stick strongly enough to bring the ice cream with it resulting in an ice cream stuffed mould in one hand and the stick in the other! Therefore in future I’d definitely stick to ice lollies and experiment with different combinations of juice, maybe even trying to add fruit. I don’t know how the ice lollies tasted but the children didn’t complain so I’ll take that as a win!

fruity fun!

fruity fun!

Daddy took the quick route…

On Friday, my husband decided to make cookies with the children. However he decided to cheat a little a bought a Betty Crocker mix. It was really easy to make up, and the house smelt amazing, however I think he should have used grease proof to line the tray as they stuck to the bottom and he also forgot to set a timer so they were slightly over done! I’ll give him some credit for trying, sometimes these pre-mixed batters are a great little time saver!

And that’s all folks…lots coming up this week especially with my Frozen-obsessed little girls birthday!



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