Those little things they do…

So we are almost half way through the summer break and I think I’ve coped quite well so far. This year is the first time both children have been at an age when we can start to successfully do an activity together without too much drama. However I thought I’d post today about the little things I’ve only noticed since spending so much time together. These little things are not so much cute but are actually rather infuriating and I thought I’d share them so hopefully other mums and dads out there don’t feel so bad about being infuriated by them too. Or it’s just me in which case I should have just kept it to myself!

So here is my list so far…

1 – Buying lunch (which is never cheap!) while you are out for the day and your child refuses to eat it or leaves most of it after playing for half an hour.

2 – How when you wear flip flops they unintentionally manage to stand on your feet at every opportunity (it really hurts!)

3 – Having to make an important phone call during the daytime and even though you have explained it really easily for them that they need to have some quiet time they decide that is in fact the best 15 minutes to ask you a question, shout, scream, sing at the top of their voice and fight with their sibling!

4 – This is one that particularly drives me barmy or should I say potty! When your child responds no to 5 seperate requests of please go to the toilet before we go out, only to need it desperately when you get to where you are going and there is no loo like you warned or you are half way round the supermarket with a full trolley.

5 – Or maybe even more frustrating, dragging you to the loo when you are half way round the supermarket, and then not doing anything.

6 – And finally my daughter’s favourite right now, begging me to do her hair in clips or bobbles then constantly moving her head while I’m trying to do it.

OK so I hope some of you can relate to this and it’s not just me! All I can say is I am not ashamed to be a little relieved when it’s time to go to work for a couple of days and I take my hats off to all the full time parents out there. Kids are amazing fun but sometimes can drive you a little mad!



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