My Seven Weeks of Summer!

Weeks 3 & 4


I’m sorry for the delay with this post, it was a very hectic week at home and work last week and so this is the first chance I’ve had to catch up. Hope you’re all enjoying your ‘summer’ (remove ” if you don’t live in the UK!)

So here’s what’s been happening at our place…

The other weekend we went to one of our local National Trust properties. We are really lucky as there are two near to my parents that are both lovely. If you haven’t visited with the National Trust I definitely advise you do! Although in the past it seemed that these places were reserved for OAP coach parties, these days they seem to be much more accommodating to families of all ages. With quirky little treasures built from the forests you walk through, to spotting activities when your parents drag you around the stately house. Their cafe’s seem to have facilities for very young children with microwaves and bottle warmers (check your local properties before you go I don’t know if it is standard), and last year they created a fun activities scheme called ’50 things to do before you are 11 3/4′ – we are yet to start on these but next year we will definitely get into making tepes and pond dipping I’m sure!

The property we went to had some dressing up at the end, my daughter wouldn’t get out of it and they even had some giant games out in the grounds! With membership that can be as little as around £5 a month for a year I’d say if you can get to them regularly it is well worth the money.


This week we went to the other property where they had a Teddy Bear's Picnic in the vegetable garden - as you do!

This week we went to the other property where they had a Teddy Bear’s Picnic in the vegetable garden – as you do!

Fun times at my favourite shop!

It’s interesting what you find out without even asking sometimes. You might not know this yet but I love love love Hobbycraft, in fact if I was locked in there by accident for the weekend I’d have a ball. Anyhow whilst picking up a few bits a couple of weeks ago I was given a flyer at the tills – as I had the children with me – about activities they were holding over the holidays. It may be getting a bit late now but I think they are running until the end of August. Completely free and you just turn up any time between 11 and 3. We went in for the face painting the other day and it was good. No queues, nothing to pay out (well as long as I looked and didn’t touch hehe!)

Little lady went for an owl !

Little lady went for an owl !

Loving Pinterest this holiday!

Well I’ve been delving through the pins again and this week we chose to make a lego marble maze! It was great fun for my 5 year old as he had to figure out where to put the bricks so the marble could get from one end to the other. It was quite a quick activity but he played with it for quite a while afterwards. There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest so if you aren’t signed up you should definitely get on it!

Concentrating face!

Concentrating face!



Then it all got a bit manic! Little miss turned 4 this week and so it was all hands on deck as our family descended on Friday evening. As she finished Nursery I wasn’t sure whether to give her a party with her nursery friends or not. In the end we decided to book a party at the Wacky Warehouse.

She loved it! Face painting was included and they gave us way more food than was needed (needless to say the parents didn’t leave it to go to waste 😉 )

These parties may seem a bit lazy, but with entertainment provided, food supplied, party bags thrown in and no cleaning up I don’t think you can go wrong! We were also really lucky as it was such a nice afternoon we had the whole place to ourselves and you normally have to pay extra for that kind of exclusivity – bonus!

5 Elsa's and 1 Anna were requested poor face painter!

5 Elsa’s and 1 Anna were requested poor face painter!

We finished this week with daddy baking gingerbread – OK I know it isn’t Christmas!- gingerbread is such an easy recipe for children I think, and they get to create different shapes including the traditional men. This time we tried out our Dr Who Dalek and Sontaran cutters they were super geeky but tasted amazing!

We picked ours up from Lakeland at Christmas!

We picked ours up from Lakeland at Christmas!

Have a great week, blog to you soon!



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