Get Zentangled up!

It has been so nice during my summer break from uni this year, almost every evening I’ve really felt I’ve been able to just bury my head in all things crafty! Today I wanted to tell you about my new love – Zentangle! Now I’m still not sure why it’s called that but I heard about it only a couple of months ago. For those who don’t know, Zentangle is the process of colouring or designing really intricate patterns, and can be used as therapy for people with Alzheimer’s, stroke victims and to combat stress. Now I used to love colouring as a child and these patterns are just like a grown up version.

Over the last few months for various reasons my stress levels have been through the roof and so when I heard Zentangle could be good at chilling me out I thought I’d give it a shot. Now you can buy some really expensive pens out there but I just bought a pack of Crayola Supertips, loads of bright colours and they have a point to help with detail.

There are loads of patterns on Pinterest for free and this is a great place to start if you want to just dip your toe into a new craft like this. They sell books all over, in craft shops, book shops, even the supermarket – but shop around – I had my eye on a book in Hobbycraft, which I then found for £6 cheaper at The Works!

All you need!

All you need!

I have found completing Zentangle patterns really therapeutic, concentrating on such a detailed piece really helps you forget your worries and there is also great satisfaction at creating something beautiful in the process (I loved my first piece so much I have it framed on my sideboard!). I haven’t tried it yet but it may even help to have soothing, relaxation music or wave sounds in the background while you are doing one to really calm you down.



So whether you have been doing Zentangle for decades and I just didn’t know it existed, or you can’t wait to give it a go I hope you can get as (Zen)tangled up in this new craft as I have – it’s almost my favourite!



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