Hubby Does Baking!

Last week I told my other half how much I couldn’t wait to try the Ferrero Rocher and Nutella No Bake Cheesecake by Jane’s Patisserie. I absolutely love her blog! In fact I think it is the single main reason I keep putting on weight – I only have to look at the delicious creations and I gain!

Any how it seems the other half couldn’t wait any more than I could and he swiftly appeared with a bag full of goodies to get started.

I left him to it – if he was willing to clear up after himself I was happy to put my feet up and just eat the finished product.

He said it was easy to make the only problem was having to wait until morning for it to chill – so hard when you just want to dig in.

Overall I thought it was really tasty, the blend of the Nutella and Ferrero Rocher chocolates really complimented each other. The only problem I found was it was a bit sloppy for my liking. It had the consistency of a moose more than the solidity of a cheesecake. Now the recipe called for double cream, he bought Elmlea. I did explain it was a cream substitute and whether this had an effect on the consistency or not at all I’m not entirely sure.

It could stay fresh for up to 3 days and it was quickly polished off in time.

My other half would give this recipe an 8 out of 10 and we can’t wait to try the next wonderful concoction from Jane’s Patisserie!





2 thoughts on “Hubby Does Baking!

  1. Thank you! I have found when I use cream substitutes such as elmlea it doesn’t set as well as normal cream – but with no-bake cheesecakes without gelatine its harder to get it to set really firm anyway without using a melted chocolate inside! If you like them firmer I recommend my Malt Chocolate cheesecake! 🙂 x


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