My seven weeks of summer are now over, cue sad face…

So over the last seven weeks we have been up to lots (not as much as I’d planned but that’s another story). There have been so many activities on at various places but one thing I’ve found, short of going on a British park and playground tour, is that there is very little to do in the way of free days out.

Hands down my favourite outings have been with the National Trust this year. I never thought I would have said that but having a membership really makes you go more and such good value! All the places we have visited have been great fun for the kids and they even have additional activities on in the holidays – they get to play about in the fresh air and sunshine and I get to eat too many cream teas!

But now my seven weeks of summer are at an end I have a real mixed bag of emotions. I am relieved for a start, my children do not handle it well being out of routine for too long. They also do not enjoy each other’s company for long periods either that much has been evident, but I have also struggled at times to keep them entertained for the lengthy time they’ve been off. But mostly I am anxious for my youngest who has started school this year as she only stayed in private nursery and isn’t used to the school environment yet, and excited for my eldest who I think will really shine now he’s back with his class mates. So yes a very mixed bag indeed.

Thanks for sharing my summer, I hope it has given you some ideas for home crafts and activities to do with your children and I will write again soon!

Another school year gone!

Another school year gone!



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