Brownie Bake Part 2! – Success at last

Last week I posted about my failed attempt to bake Lorraine Pascale’s gorgeously scrummy Cookies and Cream Fudge Brownies, and decided to challenge my other half to do better!

Annoyingly he succeeded…


He found in the end that his changes made the difference and these were:

  • To use official Oreo cookies – I don’t know what is in the budget brand cookies but they didn’t hold their own and formed that horrible white layer in my batch.
  • To use medium eggs – Originally I used large as it was all I had but this made the mixture too wet and therefore it didn’t set in the time it was supposed to.
  • To leave it in for an extra 5 to 10 minutes – as our oven is a conventional electric and not a fan oven it always seems to take longer, something I hadn’t considered first time around, so he watched them during the extra time in case of burning.

Et Voila! Perfectly gorgeous, yummy, chocolatey brownies that definitely hit the spot.

If you want the original recipe just follow the link  – Enjoy!




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