Time’s Slipping Away!

I cannot believe that this time next week, not only will I be a year older  (OK enough about that!) but it will already be half way through January- I feel like I’ve only just swallowed my Christmas Dinner!

One thing I haven’t done for a long time is write my blog. I know, I’m sorry! It’s always at the back of my mind and yet as things keep adding to ‘the list’, it inevitably gets pushed further and further down it.

It is frustrating as I love writing. I find that it often takes the stresses away from day to day life, but ironically it’s that hustle and bustle which prevents me from reaching the keyboard!

This new year, I decided not to make any formal resolutions, it is far too tempting to break them within the first month, however sitting here having a spontaneous blogging session, I have realised how much I miss it, and how much I have neglected my lovely followers.

So I think to myself, what can I manage? I still don’t think I can make any commitments to a daily blog this year, but time is slipping away and before I know it I will be saying Happy New Year again, so maybe, just maybe, I can try and manage it once a week for now.

Looking forward to this week, by the way. I have found it really hard to plan a birthday party on limited funds so let’s see if I can get my creative hat on and work a bit of magic 🙂



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