The Last Year

Yesterday was my birthday!

Birthdays are one of those things that I sing and dance about for others but hate to make a fuss about my own. Especially since giving birth to my son on the 12th, all my efforts have focused on him for the last 6 birthdays. Today I found out it’s still ok to enjoy my birthday too.

Last year I worked, all day. I then came home to grumpy husband, tired kids and an evening of being replaced by an Xbox. This year it was very nearly the same, I wasn’t planning anything due to funding issues and thought I might just escape everyone knowing I only had one year left. However I decided to take the day off work and surprisingly after the reason for not being in work slipped out my friend sneaked me a bag of my fave chocolate; my hubby took the kids to and from school for me; my mum and dad took me out for lunch because they knew money was tight, bought me some unexpected gifts and I even got a lovely random voice message from a colleague at work. 

I didn’t do a lot and wasn’t expecting half of it but just those little things made it so special for me. 

It made me realise that I often think about others way more than myself and maybe I need to remember that I’m more than just someone’s wife, mummy and daughter. I really want to make the most of my last year, to hold on to it tight because I don’t really want to let it go. 

I never thought I would be nervous about being 30, losing my ‘youthful’ stage and saying goodbye to the most exciting decade of my life so far, until, I turned 29.

forget a cake im rocky roadin’ it this year!

(Here’s the recipe for the Rocky Road! Just done overheat your chocolate like I did 🙂 ) 


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