Jack of all crafts – master of none. Help!


So this afternoon after scouring under my bed for some jewellery pliers, I stood back and surveyed the area. Suddenly it dawned on me, as I took note of my various collections, that I have delved into many crafts over the years. I am as it says in the title a true ‘Jack of all crafts, master of none’, and I hate it!

This is evidently my craft journey over the years…

  • I’ve dabbled in scrapbooking – starting with both of my children’s 1st year, but after weighing up the time to produce vs money I could charge people, never did anymore.
  • I tried face painting – using my kids as a canvas, and I even bought a practice head – I was convinced I could do this as a job but I never took it any further.
  • Before I had my children I would make cards for everyone and anyone – since the children were born I haven’t touched anything in that box.
  • I jumped on the bandwagon of Zentangle and adult colouring books a few months ago – I have only done 2 pictures to date.
  • I tried knitting for the first time last week, something I have never been able to get a hang of – I got half way through a simple 6×6 square of the most basic stitch, but as I noticed a hole form from losing the wool at some point I quickly put away at the back of the cupboard, needles still attached!
  • Pottery painting was a great activity I did once, I made a beautiful vase for my friend’s birthday and I was really pleased with the final product – however this was a bit of a pricey hobby and hence never did another one or followed through with my idea of getting my own kiln.
  • Looking for a nifty box for my sons Meccano screws at Christmas I came across my old jewellery making bits and bobs – I am still looking for those pliers.
  • I had a beautiful red stand mixer for Christmas year before last, I even christened it Betty – but since my diet started in January I haven’t done any baking in 2016 😦
  • Crocheting has been self-taught and a passion for 18 months now – but I’m frustrated that I haven’t fathomed out how to write my own patterns yet.
  • I even bought a tile cutter for mosaics – this is still in the packet.

As you can tell I am a very keen crafter, there isn’t anything – bar knitting – in that list that I didn’t enjoy doing and I would enjoy doing them again, however I am very frustrated crafter. I really, really want to be able to master a craft, to fine tune it and if I can give up my day job and make a living off doing it – even better! (I’m in awe of sellers on Etsy.) But I need help.

Is there anyone out there who has mastered their craft?

Have you become a craft supremo?

Have you even fulfilled the dream of it being your day job?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, please could you take the time to leave me some advice in the comments box? I’d be ever so grateful, and who knows your words of wisdom could be just what I need to tap my talent and stop me from shelving yet another lost hobby.


Photo Source: justbestcovers.com


2 thoughts on “Jack of all crafts – master of none. Help!

  1. I’m like you, a jack-of-all-crafts, so can’t advise you really. On your knitting it sounds like you just dropped a stitch. I’d unravel it and start over personally, but if you don’t enjoy knitting, or have a drive to complete some project using it, it’s probably best to leave it on the back burner for now. As for the rest, just do what makes you happy. If I get frustrated with one craft, I do a different one, sometimes I just get inspired in one area more than others and focus on that for a time. If you keep yourself inspired and do it every day you will master it eventually, but don’t make it unenjoyable. Be well!


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