No needles needed!

OK! So after my obsessive craft confessional last week, I have a new confession to make – I tried a new craft this week – I know, I know as if I haven’t been through enough crafts already. But this one had me hooked from the minute I saw it.

It started 10 days ago when my work friend shared a you tube video she’d seen of someone knitting an infinity scarf, wait for it… with their arms!

Yes I had to read it twice. But it was certainly true. This girl in the video used no needles whatsoever, it was amazing! I couldn’t wait to give it a go, especially after my friend bought in her attempt.

I ordered the wool off Ebay, I think it is acrylic so not really the real deal but there were lots of colours to choose from and at just over £10 for 4 balls I couldn’t go wrong. So I ordered a shade called ‘Just Denim’ as I thought it would go with the mainly navy wardrobe I own. And when I heard from my other half it had arrived I just couldn’t wait to get started.


The video said 30 minutes, but I’m sorry being an arm knitting virgin it took me more like 2 hours, but it was totally worth it.

Following a video was a bit tricky but luckily once I got into the movements it was straight forward. The only part which was difficult was adding the rest of the wool when the first lot ran out – there was no explanation as to what to do?

Luckily with my knowledge of crochet I managed to fathom something out but whether it was accurate who knows!

I was really happy with the result and I definitely think I will be trying this new craft again soon. At least I know what to give every one for Christmas this year! 😀




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