Two new tasty treats!

This week has been half term, and normally I’d blog about all the fab adventures we have been on. Not this holiday though, no this week we haven’t been anywhere because Mr Chickenpox decided to stay over all week!

Staying at home meant I could just chill out with the children, get all the housework done (yes boring I know!) and try out some new tasty treats.

With Valentine’s last weekend I managed to get some use out of my new heart shaped cookie cutters, as I ended up giving my daughter heart shaped pancakes and we also did a cheat Betty Crocker cookie bake (heart shaped of course!)

I also thought I’d try the first of my two new treats this week – chocolate dipped strawberries! After watching The Pioneer Woman make some I couldn’t resist, they looked amazing and so elegant for something home made. Unfortunately I couldn’t perfect it the way she had first time round, and annoyingly couldn’t find any freezer bags to pipe on the white chocolate, so a spoon had to do. (This was a really good make to do with the kids just supervise them near the hob)

I made these for my other half for Valentine’s (more of an excuse just to try them really!) and to my surprise he said he didn’t really like strawberries – I didn’t know this and we’ve been together 13 years! Amazingly however, he soon polished them off. Apparently the chocolate dipped part makes it all better…

FullSizeRender (1)

The second new treat I tried this week was No-Churn Nutella Ice Cream from Jane’s Patisserie . Now I know I big up these recipes a lot but I can’t help it, I’ve even had to set up a new email folder just to keep all her recipes in because I want to try them all, it’s a hoard of deliciousness! Anyway, as my daughter was poorly I thought it would be a great time to try this one out. It definitely cheered me up if not her!

The process was really easy just whack everything in the mixer and freeze once it was thick. I’d agree with the tip to leave it over night, it still wasn’t quite right after 8 hours. We had it with practically no frills, no cones, no sauce, no nuts just a few humble sugar sprinkles and we were in heaven. In fact if my husband hasn’t finished it all off by now I will be surprised!!




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