Mother’s Day on a budget


So you thought I was going to list a load of cheap gifts to give your mum this weekend? Not quite. I know I won’t get any gifts off my children this weekend and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

You can easily do Mother’s Day on a budget, who needs a loads of tat that they won’t use? I was always bought up to buy gifts on Mother’s Day but as I’ve grown and become a parent myself (although I do still buy a little something for my mum) I now realise it’s really nothing to do with presents.

I am thankful every day for my children, and I see their love for me all the time, Mother’s Day is no exception. I see it when my daughter only wants me to put her to bed, when my son tells me he loves me to Pluto and back and from all the random little pictures they draw of us together.

So don’t stress about buying gifts this weekend, don’t feel bad or guilty or like you should have bought her more. Just spend time with your mum as much as you can not just on Sunday. Make memories, and maybe, every now and then, do the washing up!

Have fun!



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