My little Emilia!

Two weeks ago I suddenly realised I had no money and so no way of getting my mum anything for Mother’s Day.

After a lot of thought I remembered my mum had been saying how much she really wanted to have a go at making an amigurumi doll. Setting up a kit seemed way too much expense as I didn’t know how much wool she would need in each colour and so would have had to buy all new balls.

So with two weeks to go and an assignment to write in the meantime, trying to fit in making a doll for mum was going to be a bit of a task. Needless to say it was a tight call, I only just got her finished in time and that was with a few late nights put in, but I definitely think when it’s a gift for someone you love you will happily put in the over time.

I found this pattern on my Etsy App and it is from ‘CarmenRent’. I found there were a few problems as I didn’t have a 3.25mm hook as she recommended for most of the pieces but after contacting her she advised trying a 3mm for most except the coat, hood, brim and bag. I felt that the coat came out a bit bigger than I expected and I’m unsure if it was my tension or if the wool was too thick (it was only dk).




After I got to this point I had the hair to do. I didn’t know how to do it, although there were some pictures it didn’t really explain, so I just had a go. I tell you, I couldn’t get  a job in hair extensions this stage was well faffy!




It took a whole evening to do her hair and although I thought I’d cut equal lengths it was very long in places and uneven. So she looked a lot better after a haircut…




With just the hood, brim and bag to do the end was in sight. These didn’t take too long, however I had to fold the brim back on itself as again the hood came out too deep. After that and the problem with the coat I came to the conclusion the wool was thicker than what she must have used.

When she was complete I was over the moon. I love making things for other people, in fact I think 80% of my makes have been given as gifts. But I was in love with this one, she was so cute it was really hard to give her away!

The girl who made the pattern had called her Emilia, so I felt it was only right to keep her name. The only thing I changed was her bio, she said she was a dancer but it just didn’t fit her personality to me.

My mum was really happy with her and she now has a home on the chair in the lounge. My aunt loved her too so I think I may be making a different version in the near future!


IMG_7270 (1)


‘Till then,



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