I want my money back!


Wouldn’t it be great if you could get a refund on your ingredients when a recipe went wrong!

Tonight I made some honey and blueberry muffins. Fairly simple recipe off the net, good comments from people below and so I thought I would knock some up to take to work tomorrow.

It cost £2 for the smallest pack of blueberries I have ever seen and I had to buy a whole pack of eggs just for one.

Unfortunately you may have guessed, this recipe went wrong, way wrong.

No sugar in the recipe, thought that was odd but figured the blueberries and honey would be sweet enough. Far from it, there was no sweetness at all and I couldn’t even taste the honey! The only thing I could taste was salt and the odd expensive blueberry.

Game over, all 12 in the bin. Bye bye hour of my life, tough luck work buddies.

I want my money back!


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2 thoughts on “I want my money back!

  1. Nowadays, when every second person is a food blogger and every third a recipe developer, it’s hard to recognise who really knows their stuff and tried the recipe and who just made it up and added a fancy stock image… Well, lesson learned…fingers crossed it never happens to you again!


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