Easter crafting fun! – The Wreath

This time of year always provides a few difficulties when it comes to keeping the children occupied. 2016 has proved no different for the UK, with storm Katie passing through, indoor ideas seem to be the best way to go.

This year I decided to scout out Pinterest and see what I could manage with two children under the age of 7 and a limited budget for supplies. Once I’d built up the beginnings of a Easter crafting board we chose the first project to recreate.

Easy Paper Easter Wreath

The first craft project this Easter was completed by my daughter. The original wreath, below, can be found here.


We didn’t have any coloured paper but we did have some brown card stock so I thought they would work well for eggs and my daughter could decorate them.

We reused a pizza box for the base of the wreath and decorations came in the form of sequins, tissue paper, sticker spots and recycled sweetie wrappers. I cut all the eggs out and she decorated them before we assembled it using double sided sticky tape.

I found that this was a good activity for my four and a half year old, where as the 6 year old got bored quickly (but this could just be boys!). Although there were about 11 eggs to decorate she quite happily sat there until they were all done. With drying and assembly time, I wouldn’t say this was a quick craft, but that is good if you want it to take up a couple of hours in an afternoon.

We would give this craft 10 out of 10! It was fairly easy to do and looked great.



FullSizeRender (2)

More crafty Easter challenges to come…



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