Deleting a post!

Well I put myself out there with the up front and personal experience of some of my least favourite pregnancy symptoms in my last post and although it received a few ‘likes’ of sympathy I actually can’t stop cringing about being that candid. So it’s gone, sorry if you missed it! 

I’m normally quite a private person but it seems even just telling my invisible audience is a little too much for me at the moment. What finished me off was signing up to the new forum for my uni course and being asked if I blog, ‘yes’ I said proudly, then I didn’t go much further. I couldn’t bring myself to post my url because I suddenly realised if any of the other students read my latest post that would be the first thing they would read about me and it isn’t really an impression I’m comfortable with. And so I’ve made the decision to condemn that thoughtful moment to the trash bin of the Ether.

I think I’ve learnt to be a little less open when talking about my pregnancy journey from now on! 


One thought on “Deleting a post!

  1. I was out most of the day and missed your post, but I totally understand! I’ve deleted posts for the exact same reason. 😉 Blogging is certainly a learning experience!

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