Too big to birth{centre}

So I finally caught up with my home birth midwife today, who last time we spoke was going to find out if I could have my much wanted water birth at the hospital birth centre. I am now feeling rather down after our conversation because the birth centre have said an outright NO, due to my BMI being 1.7 over the recommended level – annoyed much!

We were still unsure when we first spoke to her if a home birth was right for us, but even though she originally said she couldn’t see why my BMI would be reason not to have one due to my previous history, she is now saying that despite having two healthy pregnancies and births with no complications and minimal pain relief, that if I wanted a home birth I would now be going ‘against medical advice’. OK, I thought, so they are preventing me from going to the birth centre where I would be physically next to the delivery suite in case of emergency, but I can ignore advice and have a home birth, even though I would be 20 minutes away from the hospital with no transport except for them ringing for an ambulance should I need one, yeah that makes loads of sense!

So I am now unsure of what to do. Many forums I read have had many women going against advice without problems, many with much higher BMI levels than mine, and so I am edging towards going for one anyway. I am dreading a hospital birth as I had such an uncomfortable experience with my daughter last time (although of course if it turns out to be my only, or safest option in the end I know I won’t have a choice).

I just feel if I give in and let them dictate where I have the baby I am not going to look forward to the birth, I am going to be more nervous, anxious and possibly not sleep properly through worry, all the time putting more stress hormones through my body which can’t be good for the baby in any case.

At least if I plan for a home birth I’ll feel more relaxed, more in control and just be prepared to transfer to hospital if it came to that. I’d rather have a plan B than just go straight to plan B in the first place.

Have any of you been advised against home births and ignored it? What were your experiences? I’d love to hear them!



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