We’re home birthing! (Hopefully…)

Hello again,

After recently reporting that I had been rejected by the birth centre to have my baby due to my slightly over BMI, I am happy to say I have had great success in my quest for a home birth!


After my midwife asked me to speak to the consultant I was concerned that she was going to have to have the balls to tell me no because my midwife couldn’t, but I was totally wrong. She was actually really supportive and agreed that as my slight weight issue was my only complication at this stage that was not enough to stop me from having the baby at home. I say ‘at this stage’ because she said there are risks of further complications arising as a result of my BMI being higher and one of these of course could be the development of Gestational Diabetes. I have never had it before but I suppose it could now be a risk. I am going for a test in November – yay another reason for them to stick me with a needle, twice actually!

I am really happy with this result and feel a lot calmer now I have the support of my midwives as well, I just need to keep everything crossed that this stays as planned, and that I manage to avoid induction which she also said would be a key factor.

I reached 20 weeks this week which is exciting as it’s the halfway marker, however the next big milestone is our scan next Friday, I didn’t want to know what we were having this time originally, but I am now so convinced it’s a boy I want to find out just to satisfy my curiosity! – And buy some clothes of course.



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