Birthday Card in a stitch!

I recently had a special little person to send a birthday card to but I just didn’t have the chance to get to the shops, so I knew I had to improvise. I had some lovely quality card given as a past present, and I crochet like crazy so my wool supply was a plenty. This got the cogs working, I wondered if I could stitch a design?

As I knew what I wanted to do but unsure about a method to approach it I turned to my trusty You Tube gurus, and found a good little video which I didn’t watch all of but that gave me a good tip to make the holes before I started stitching, and so I followed this.

I first folded the A4 card and chose to do it landscape. I drew my design on in pencil and then when I was happy I took a sharp yarn needle and pressed holes along the lines every centimetre or so from the front of the card to the back.


I began stitching when all the holes were in place – be careful near the edges, too close and the holes can open up. I chose a shimmery blue and a navy blue as an accent on the balloon. I began from the reverse side continuing with back stitch all along. When I finished a section I fastened off at the back.


When I was happy I added a second piece of card as an insert to cover the stitches. I found it difficult to stick it down with double sided tape so if you have something stronger and more time it might be worth experimenting. The insert was blue and I wrote a message on the other side.


Despite the difficulty I had with the inside I was really happy with the end result. I think it was a fairly quick and stylish result for a bit of wool and a piece of card. The receiver was really happy with it too, or so I like to think πŸ™‚



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