Exotic Birthday Bubbles!

This week is our dear friend’s 30th birthday – Happy Birthday again Lou!

Me and my bestie decided to band together to make her a hamper. When we had a chat about things to get, my friend came across a cute idea on Pinterest.com, similar to the one below…


This one however, from notonthehighstreet, was £75! Now we love her but not quite that much. Instead we decided to go mini and make our own.

We bought a mini bottle of prosecco at about £2.50 from Asda, and it took just short of two small boxes of Ferrero Rocher, at £3.50 each from Superdrug. We used green tissue paper for the pines as that’s all I had but paper could have worked as well, I think card would have been too thick.

And so it began, we put on the tissue first taping it as we went around and finished with a layer of brown parcel tape to secure it. Then disaster slowly followed, after getting all the chocolates on in two sessions (as we had originally bought one box and it wasn’t enough) I sat proudly admiring our work. We chose double sided tape to stick them all on as it seemed strong enough at the time, then ‘plop’ one falls off, ‘plop, plop’, two more…’Arrggghhhh’ what can we do! At this stage we were 4 days off seeing her, so I pushed them back into place and decided to wrap it in cling film to hold it until we gave it to her.

The night before I removed the cling film and got the basket finished so we could give it to her, albeit a little early. The next morning arrived and we had lost half of the chocolates *hands grabbed face in horror*, by the evening a few more. My friend came round early luckily and we panicked about what to do. The only thing left to try was my old glue gun. I hadn’t used it for ages, didn’t even know if it still worked and only one glue stick was left. There was no time and no choice we had to go for it. We managed to just have enough glue to stick them all back on, but after a stressful half an hour some nearly scorched finger tips and some choice words, it was all secure and in place. Why oh why did we not just go with the glue gun in the first place?!

Lesson of the week – find a method to go with a project don’t just go off a picture you find on the internet (haha!)

After all that it was a happy end to the story! Ok it wasn’t as grand as the Pinterest pineapple but, it cost about £13 (not £75!), we were really happy with the end result, and so was Lou – she loved it!

I think I would definitely attempt this again but next time I know how to do it without pulling my hair out!




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