6 months pregnant and GTT

Today I have reached 26 weeks the equivalent to 6 months pregnant. The last 3 months seem to have flown by which makes me excited and nervous for how quick the next 3 will go. With Christmas in between it’s a nice distraction and I’ve been trying to focus on that and helping rabbit and roo to have fun before all the mayhem that will begin at the end of the new year. 

This time around I’ve been caught out by my increased weight, something that I was working on losing before finding out we were pregnant again. Obviously once you are you can’t really diet so my booking weight was higher than ideal. Annoyingly however it wasn’t far off the accepted limit but it has meant I’ve had to fight to get a home birth and am now currently sat in a hospital waiting room having a GTT.

A GTT for those who don’t know is a Glucose Tolerance Test and of course the box I ticked was high bmi. I’ve had to starve myself for the last 12 hours, fight rush hour traffic to get in for a really early appointment, have my blood taken twice and a yucky orange drink- the things we go through for our babies! To top it off I can no longer feel my bum as I’ve had to sit for two hours waiting to complete the test. After all this I really hope I don’t have gestational diabetes which is what they’re testing for. I’ve been so relaxed since getting support for the home birth, having no choice but a consultant led delivery ward would not make me a happy bunny.

On the bright side this week I have worked out excluding time off at Christmas I only have 9 weeks of work left after tomorrow, and I can’t say I’m not relieved, one thing I’m struggling a lot with at the moment is hip pain. It normally hurts first thing in the morning but yesterday I had pain walking around at work all day! Let’s hope it eases soon as I’ve still got so long to go. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little update and il check in again when I’ve had my results! 

Wish me luck…


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