10 weeks to go – positive thinking!


This week I hit 30 weeks yay! I have felt although this last ten weeks has gone so quick it’s always nice to hit a round number again- especially as the next one will be 40!

It really has picked up speed in the last couple of weeks, I generally felt like this pregnancy has been going so slow but I think with all the Christmas preparation, uni work and work commitments, time is finally flying.



Since my last post, I have felt my hips have improved a lot. I’m not as restless at night, although that could change as he begins his last few months of growing. However the one thing I’ve noticed is the tiredness. I think I’m more tired now than I was in the first trimester and it is wiping me out. Every night I’m ready to fall asleep on the sofa about half 8 which is making it really hard to get through my evenings of studying. I’m also really struggling at work. I get to about 3 o’clock and I’ve got no energy left. Late nights are starting to be so hard, and I’ve still got two before I leave in January.

I would say the heartburn hasn’t really increased, which is good, but it’s still an occasional problem. This time around I feel like I’ve had loads of Braxton Hicks contractions. I don’t remember getting any with the other two, but they are at least a couple of times a day since about 22 weeks this time around. They’re not painful, but I’ve had the odd one which has taken my breath away for a second – it happens a lot when I’m driving the car weirdly.

Looking forward to the birth more and I’ve started to have dreams about him being here, but I have a lot going on before then – Christmas, my son’s birthday, my birthday (which will be a none event this year!) and I’ve still got quite a bit to buy for the baby.

Still no changes to the plan to home birth. It will now all depend on if I can make myself go into labour. So lots of positive thinking as although it’s 7 weeks until I’m full term I could well go on for another 5 more if he’s like the last two.

I printed out my birth plan and got my husband to read though it. He’s very blase but I keep trying to tell him I won’t be in the position to action anything if I’m in a lot of pain, he needs to be my voice.

My son was very cute the other day and was giving his brother lots of cuddles, I think it’s starting to dawn on him that there is a real life baby in there so he’s getting excited now, although my daughter thinks 12 weeks is still too long to wait. I agree, but at the same time, I’m not ready yet!






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