36 weeks, midwife chat and we’re getting the pool!!

Tomorrow marks 36 weeks of pregnancy and the end of work. Can’t say I am not a tad relieved – I have found the last couple of weeks really hard on my back 😦

I saw the midwife on Monday, she visited the house to go through all the finer details as we are still on track for our home birth. I just hope that it goes to plan and I don’t need inducing like the last two times. She discussed having multiple sweeps (oh the fun!) from about 39 weeks and 3 days, which should hopefully get things going before I reach 42 weeks.

The exciting moment this week was booking the birthing pool. With financial circumstances lately I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t be able to afford it, but it’s all booked and due for delivery on Wednesday!

It is an enormous relief just to know it will be there if I need it. Although labour is never truly pain free, I cannot explain how much the warm water helps. It’s relaxing, it’s a natural pain reliever and it softens all the important parts 😉

I have been trying to listen to my iHypnoBirth app every night this week, I seem to like listening to it as I lie down in the dark. It almost always sends me to sleep but I’m hoping that is a good thing as it should train my brain to relax when I hear it – although I’ll doubt I’ll be able to sleep through the pain!

We bought the Isofix base for the car seat two weeks ago, which will be a great help – If you’ve never used one they are such a time saver, just click in and go no faffing about with twisted seat belts.

So as we are into the last month now I realise I need to get my hospital bag in order, however this time will be interesting as I am hoping not to have to go in. I also don’t have enough stuff to have two sets of items and so I decided to use a big perspex storage box without a lid to put everything in that I’ll need for the birth, during and after. Then to leave the bag or case next to it so that in an emergency everything can be thrown in and off we go.  I’m using the list off the Baby Centre app. I didn’t realise how many were out there. But I’ve also found it interesting to watch some of the Channel Mums show what they had in theirs on You Tube.

It’s at this time now that I start to wonder, will he come early or late? One thing I do feel is although I’m really excited to meet him, I’m not ready for an appearance just yet.

Hopefully he will wait a couple of weeks at least…



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