Due date this week!!

Sorry I didn’t realise it had been that long since I last wrote. That means I have been off work four weeks this week and it’s gone quick. I wish I could say it had been an eventful four weeks but unfortunately not. 

Excitingly this week marks our due date (on the 16th!) so currently as I write this I am 39 weeks and 6 days. Last time I wrote I said about having sweeps from 39+3 but the midwife I saw at 38 weeks (yet another one) said she wouldn’t recommend starting them until 40 weeks at the earliest. So I am still waiting and hoping it will get things going over the weekend.

I’ve read so many other mums in my February birth forum who have had their babies early or are having long periods of irregular contractions, that I am starting to feel left out. But I’m trying to stay positive, enjoy every minute I’m not in pain and just keep remembering that in another 4 weeks he will definitely be here as I can’t go far over 14 days before being induced. This is one thing we want to avoid not least because I hated it last time but also we’ve hired the pool which has to go back in two weeks if I have to be induced. 😦 

In myself at the moment I am finding it increasingly uncomfortable to walk too far and even just picking the kids up from school, having driven half way there, feels like the baby is about to fall out at any moment. His kicks are so strong sometimes they really hurt. And sometimes I feel like my waters could go at any minute but alas they don’t. 

I’m just keeping everything crossed (except my legs haha!) that the sweeps will be successful and we can have a little bundle delivered next week 🙂 

Who knows next time I write I may have someone to introduce you to!


36 weeks, midwife chat and we’re getting the pool!!

Tomorrow marks 36 weeks of pregnancy and the end of work. Can’t say I am not a tad relieved – I have found the last couple of weeks really hard on my back 😦

I saw the midwife on Monday, she visited the house to go through all the finer details as we are still on track for our home birth. I just hope that it goes to plan and I don’t need inducing like the last two times. She discussed having multiple sweeps (oh the fun!) from about 39 weeks and 3 days, which should hopefully get things going before I reach 42 weeks.

The exciting moment this week was booking the birthing pool. With financial circumstances lately I was beginning to worry we wouldn’t be able to afford it, but it’s all booked and due for delivery on Wednesday!

It is an enormous relief just to know it will be there if I need it. Although labour is never truly pain free, I cannot explain how much the warm water helps. It’s relaxing, it’s a natural pain reliever and it softens all the important parts 😉

I have been trying to listen to my iHypnoBirth app every night this week, I seem to like listening to it as I lie down in the dark. It almost always sends me to sleep but I’m hoping that is a good thing as it should train my brain to relax when I hear it – although I’ll doubt I’ll be able to sleep through the pain!

We bought the Isofix base for the car seat two weeks ago, which will be a great help – If you’ve never used one they are such a time saver, just click in and go no faffing about with twisted seat belts.

So as we are into the last month now I realise I need to get my hospital bag in order, however this time will be interesting as I am hoping not to have to go in. I also don’t have enough stuff to have two sets of items and so I decided to use a big perspex storage box without a lid to put everything in that I’ll need for the birth, during and after. Then to leave the bag or case next to it so that in an emergency everything can be thrown in and off we go.  I’m using the list off the Baby Centre app. I didn’t realise how many were out there. But I’ve also found it interesting to watch some of the Channel Mums show what they had in theirs on You Tube.

It’s at this time now that I start to wonder, will he come early or late? One thing I do feel is although I’m really excited to meet him, I’m not ready for an appearance just yet.

Hopefully he will wait a couple of weeks at least…



10 weeks to go – positive thinking!


This week I hit 30 weeks yay! I have felt although this last ten weeks has gone so quick it’s always nice to hit a round number again- especially as the next one will be 40!

It really has picked up speed in the last couple of weeks, I generally felt like this pregnancy has been going so slow but I think with all the Christmas preparation, uni work and work commitments, time is finally flying.



Since my last post, I have felt my hips have improved a lot. I’m not as restless at night, although that could change as he begins his last few months of growing. However the one thing I’ve noticed is the tiredness. I think I’m more tired now than I was in the first trimester and it is wiping me out. Every night I’m ready to fall asleep on the sofa about half 8 which is making it really hard to get through my evenings of studying. I’m also really struggling at work. I get to about 3 o’clock and I’ve got no energy left. Late nights are starting to be so hard, and I’ve still got two before I leave in January.

I would say the heartburn hasn’t really increased, which is good, but it’s still an occasional problem. This time around I feel like I’ve had loads of Braxton Hicks contractions. I don’t remember getting any with the other two, but they are at least a couple of times a day since about 22 weeks this time around. They’re not painful, but I’ve had the odd one which has taken my breath away for a second – it happens a lot when I’m driving the car weirdly.

Looking forward to the birth more and I’ve started to have dreams about him being here, but I have a lot going on before then – Christmas, my son’s birthday, my birthday (which will be a none event this year!) and I’ve still got quite a bit to buy for the baby.

Still no changes to the plan to home birth. It will now all depend on if I can make myself go into labour. So lots of positive thinking as although it’s 7 weeks until I’m full term I could well go on for another 5 more if he’s like the last two.

I printed out my birth plan and got my husband to read though it. He’s very blase but I keep trying to tell him I won’t be in the position to action anything if I’m in a lot of pain, he needs to be my voice.

My son was very cute the other day and was giving his brother lots of cuddles, I think it’s starting to dawn on him that there is a real life baby in there so he’s getting excited now, although my daughter thinks 12 weeks is still too long to wait. I agree, but at the same time, I’m not ready yet!






28 Weeks and GTT results!

Hello 3rd trimester!!!

Wow that has felt a long time coming, but somehow I can almost see a light at the end of the tunnel. In fact I’m starting to get excited this week as I imagine holding such a precious little bundle again. I’m sure I’m in denial about shitty nappies and sleepless nights but let the ignorance continue until it becomes inevitable that’s what I say.

So this week is week 28, only 14 left to go (yes I’m adding 2 for comfort as I went over with Rabbit and Roo). I’ve also sorted out mat leave this week so am now on a mental countdown to finishing work as well. Jelly bean has been kicking a lot this week which is reassuring but I’m sure he’s grown again as I feel about to burst some days and can’t fathom how he can get any bigger, he won’t fit!

The end of this week I am having my first growth scan, which is kind of exciting too because I’ve never had one this late before so it will be interesting to see if I can see any more detail than last time. I will be having those every four weeks until the end now, so the next one could be just before Christmas!

I got my GTT results or should I say I didn’t – get a phone call that is, so I’m assuming all is well so yay! Still keeping my fingers crossed as that is now one less obstacle between me and the home birth. I wrote a draft birth plan this week, and it was hard. I was trying not to talk about hospital but I know it could be out of my hands in the end either through complication or induction.

I still don’t know what to do about the pool hire. I watched a birth video by one of the Channel Mums this week and it really bought it back to me how much pain you can be in, so it’s in my mind that I don’t want to not get it and then really regret it on the day because the pain is too much. On the other hand I listened to the positive affirmations on my hypnobirthing app as I got into bed the other night and practised my deep breathing. I sent myself to sleep so they must help. I also felt really calm in the total darkness so I think the least light in the room during labour the better for me – don’t think hubby will let me lie in the bed though…



6 months pregnant and GTT

Today I have reached 26 weeks the equivalent to 6 months pregnant. The last 3 months seem to have flown by which makes me excited and nervous for how quick the next 3 will go. With Christmas in between it’s a nice distraction and I’ve been trying to focus on that and helping rabbit and roo to have fun before all the mayhem that will begin at the end of the new year. 

This time around I’ve been caught out by my increased weight, something that I was working on losing before finding out we were pregnant again. Obviously once you are you can’t really diet so my booking weight was higher than ideal. Annoyingly however it wasn’t far off the accepted limit but it has meant I’ve had to fight to get a home birth and am now currently sat in a hospital waiting room having a GTT.

A GTT for those who don’t know is a Glucose Tolerance Test and of course the box I ticked was high bmi. I’ve had to starve myself for the last 12 hours, fight rush hour traffic to get in for a really early appointment, have my blood taken twice and a yucky orange drink- the things we go through for our babies! To top it off I can no longer feel my bum as I’ve had to sit for two hours waiting to complete the test. After all this I really hope I don’t have gestational diabetes which is what they’re testing for. I’ve been so relaxed since getting support for the home birth, having no choice but a consultant led delivery ward would not make me a happy bunny.

On the bright side this week I have worked out excluding time off at Christmas I only have 9 weeks of work left after tomorrow, and I can’t say I’m not relieved, one thing I’m struggling a lot with at the moment is hip pain. It normally hurts first thing in the morning but yesterday I had pain walking around at work all day! Let’s hope it eases soon as I’ve still got so long to go. 

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little update and il check in again when I’ve had my results! 

Wish me luck…


Hanging out at Half Term

This week has been the October Half Term holiday and we didn’t have a lot planned but it seems we did lots of baking – I think we’ve had a really nice week.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we got up to…

Rabbit spent the whole weekend dressed as a witch after we put this outfit together, and it only cost me £3!

Mum and dad gave her the dress which they picked up from a charity shop – cost to me £0 😀

We had the hat from last year – cost this year £0 😀

The tights were a bargain from Aldi, they came in a two pack with a plain purple pair as well for £1.99, she wore holes in the feet within 2 days but she hates wearing shoes – they’ll be easy to sew up. (I actually could have got away without paying for these too as I later found some from last year under the stairs – doh!

The broom was really cool and looked pretty authentic – this was just £1 from Wilko – love it!


First off this week we had loads of cornflakes to use up so what better way than chocolate cornflake cakes! We used Swiss chocolate (only because it was on offer!), and I decided to add some marshmallow Fluff, but this in hindsight may have been a mistake as it made it go a bit claggy. They were yummy though and I love the Halloween themed cases we got from Asda- they were orange with bats all over.


We went to see Finding Dory this week – I love using the cheap junior showings it’s worth waiting a few months rather than spending a fortune, all 4 of us got in for £7.20!

We made some Halloween butter cookies – which seem to becoming an annual tradition, the recipe is so simple, just butter, flour, icing sugar and 2 minutes in the mixer. The cutters we used were a Wilton set I think and we did a gingerbread man to use as a skeleton. We used the Tate&Lyle Royal Icing in a box to ice them and my Wilton colour right set – this year however I think I made it too runny – as you can see with the skeleton’s face he melted off the cookie – oops! But it was fun to do with the kids and we had a laugh 🙂

We had a surprise visit from the tooth fairy (so Roo is now rather gummy) – at least I actually remembered to pay up this time!


I ended the week with an unexpected mummy daughter day as Roo went off to a football day school with a friend. So I took Rabbit to the park in the morning and then in the afternoon we did our favourite thing and baked some more, she loves it especially when she wears her chefs hat- so cute! The cakes were so moist (yummy!) not sure if that’s because all I had was Olive spread when I needed margarine? And we tried a recipe for chocolate buttercream it was amazing so we will definitely use it again – you can find it here!

So it’s fair to say we’ve had a good share of yummy treats to eat up this holiday! I think a week is just a nice amount of time to pack with activities without running out of money or getting bored, any longer and I always struggle to keep them occupied.

Certainly making the most of these more relaxed holidays though before our lives get very baby-busy again next year!



Gender reveal for Mum and Dad!


Last week we had our 21 week scan, I was really keen to make sure baby was doing well but as I’d started to feel movement I wasn’t half as nervous as the first time. Those little kicks certainly give some reassurance. I want to make the most of them this time as this baby will be my last and the kicks are always what I miss the most when I’ve given birth.

We were curious going into the scan to find out what we were expecting. Although I’d have liked a surprise this time, my husband really wanted to know and we thought it would give the kids time to adjust. I had felt all along it was a boy but everyone else seemed to be convinced it was a girl including my husband and parents. So it was exciting to find out who was correct.

Once we had found out I wanted to find a fun way to tell my Mum and Dad, I’d seen lots of extravagant ways of revealing gender but I wanted to keep it simple, they were expecting me to just text them I think.

I chose to take a picture of my bump with the gender written on using the BabyCentre app. I bought a card which said ‘Just to say’ which I thought was a cute introduction, and it was blank inside so I could add the picture. The card choice was amusing, completely by accident it had two flowers on the front which faded from blue to pink so it was a good way to keep them guessing!

I also wanted to show them the scan picture but I thought to make it fun I’d try and put it on the front of the envelope. I stuck it onto a piece of A4 paper using masking tape trying carefully not to push down to firmly and that there were no ends sticking up and after I emailed the picture to myself from my phone so I could pick it up on our PC I attempted to print onto the envelope, and it worked! (I did a dummy run to make sure the envelope would be in the right place) I was really chuffed with this it looked great.

I handed them the card later that day and the first thing my Dad said because he saw the blue on the card first was “it’s blue is that a sign?”, but my mum pointed out it also had pink on it!


Well it’s safe to say they were surprised, I would even say my mum was shocked. She now reckons she’s never got a gender prediction wrong yet, but I always knew I was right deep down :o)

She is still trying to tell me that she knows people who have been given a wrong opinion. I guess we won’t know for sure until he is born!

I’m glad we found out now, my daughter sadly didn’t take the news well and cried in her room for about half an hour straight (she’s 5). I think she’s coming around though and has gone back to kissing my bump at bed time :o)

I love being able to finally buy some clothes, unisex clothing is so boring!