It’s scary!

…how quickly time goes by! 

One month ago today I was sat cuddling my 3 day old son. How on earth is he one month old already. No seriously how? I feel like I blinked and it’s just happened. I just hope the rest of the time slows down!

So having three kids – not as bad as I thought it would be – yet… but I’ve found it hardest trying to split my time. I want to be able to play with the other two but it’s tricky with a newborn to look after. Housework is a military operation and uni work? Everytime I turn on my laptop he starts to cry.

He’s currently feeding every three hours on and off, although of that three hours he feeds for half an hour and then spends about an hour and a half being winded or not settling because of wind leaving me with about an hour to fit in three hours worth of work. 

He is being awake for longer now which is lovely and I’m sure I’ve seen some ‘real’ smiles! He enjoys his swing most of the time and the other day we went to our first baby massage class. Never tried them before but he slept all the way through it so whether he enjoyed it or not – the verdict is still out. 

I had forgotten how much I love my sleep, having to get up for school runs when you have been up in the night is so hard. But I wouldn’t change a thing he has made us a complete family and we love him to bits. 

I hope the future is bright for our little man 🙂 our adventures are just starting!


Gender reveal for Mum and Dad!


Last week we had our 21 week scan, I was really keen to make sure baby was doing well but as I’d started to feel movement I wasn’t half as nervous as the first time. Those little kicks certainly give some reassurance. I want to make the most of them this time as this baby will be my last and the kicks are always what I miss the most when I’ve given birth.

We were curious going into the scan to find out what we were expecting. Although I’d have liked a surprise this time, my husband really wanted to know and we thought it would give the kids time to adjust. I had felt all along it was a boy but everyone else seemed to be convinced it was a girl including my husband and parents. So it was exciting to find out who was correct.

Once we had found out I wanted to find a fun way to tell my Mum and Dad, I’d seen lots of extravagant ways of revealing gender but I wanted to keep it simple, they were expecting me to just text them I think.

I chose to take a picture of my bump with the gender written on using the BabyCentre app. I bought a card which said ‘Just to say’ which I thought was a cute introduction, and it was blank inside so I could add the picture. The card choice was amusing, completely by accident it had two flowers on the front which faded from blue to pink so it was a good way to keep them guessing!

I also wanted to show them the scan picture but I thought to make it fun I’d try and put it on the front of the envelope. I stuck it onto a piece of A4 paper using masking tape trying carefully not to push down to firmly and that there were no ends sticking up and after I emailed the picture to myself from my phone so I could pick it up on our PC I attempted to print onto the envelope, and it worked! (I did a dummy run to make sure the envelope would be in the right place) I was really chuffed with this it looked great.

I handed them the card later that day and the first thing my Dad said because he saw the blue on the card first was “it’s blue is that a sign?”, but my mum pointed out it also had pink on it!


Well it’s safe to say they were surprised, I would even say my mum was shocked. She now reckons she’s never got a gender prediction wrong yet, but I always knew I was right deep down :o)

She is still trying to tell me that she knows people who have been given a wrong opinion. I guess we won’t know for sure until he is born!

I’m glad we found out now, my daughter sadly didn’t take the news well and cried in her room for about half an hour straight (she’s 5). I think she’s coming around though and has gone back to kissing my bump at bed time :o)

I love being able to finally buy some clothes, unisex clothing is so boring!