#Baby names I love but won’t be using!

I have absolutely loved watching lots of videos with this tag recently so I thought I would do mine!

We don’t plan on having anymore children so this is my list of favourite boys and girls names that we loved but didn’t choose from when we were expecting our last little baby.


I put this name on the list after getting into the TV show Zoo. I just heard it on there and loved it – I’m also a big Wolverine fan. I think it was our number two on the boys list this time.


I loved Freddie, I thought it was really cute especially for when he was little, but hubby didn’t agree 😦


Now this one is a bit out there and I’d had it on the list since we knew Roo was going to be a boy. This time round hubby still wasn’t having it as a first name, but I very nearly convinced him to use it as the littlest’s middle name. Sadly he changed his mind!

Finally on our boys list is,


This is sadly another name that we couldn’t agree on. I love the character in The Originals and I think it sounds really nice. The only thing that put me off was if it was shortened to Eli which I’m not as keen on.

I have always found girls names so much easier to think of than boys and I’ve always found we have looked at more traditional names than with the boys. So here are the four girls names we loved but sadly couldn’t use as we had a beautiful baby boy,


This is the name we would have given the littlest if he had been a girl. I loved it when we knew Rabbit was a girl but strangely didn’t choose it. I love the shortened version of Izzy as well. I think it’s a name that can work for any age.


This would have been the middle name we chose for Isabelle. I think it’s really pretty.


For all three children this has been on the list. It has been narrowed down by both me and hubby but has never quite made it to the top. I like the sound of it but luckily we didn’t choose it for Rabbit as she ended up having a friend at nursery with the same name.


This has also been on all three lists but sadly hubby has vetoed it every time. I’ve always loved the way it’s spelt.

So that completes my list of baby names I love but won’t be using! What are yours?