So I’ve been a bit busy…

Hi all!

If you have wondered where I’ve been, well, we had a baby!!!

Jaxon was finally born on Thursday 23rd February at 41 weeks and… I had a spontaneous labour! For those who don’t know this is a major win for me. After Rabbit and Roo both having to be induced, I had literally booked in just so I could focus on an end date. I didn’t actually expect to go into labour on my own and so when my waters broke it was quite a shock! (luckily I was in the lounge not the supermarket!)

The other headline is I got my home water birth YAY! I think hubby was starting to panic that we wouldn’t get to use the pool we hired. I very nearly didn’t, this labour was 3.5 hours from start to finish and it took so long to fill the pool, by the time it was ready I was already starting to push. Pretty much the same with ordering the gas and air, my lovely midwife really wasn’t ready for me to progress that quickly and I think if I hadn’t put my foot down when I did it may never have turned up before our little boy did. Looking back I did most of it without anything and so although it hurt like hell at the time, I’m now quite proud at getting through it.

He ended up weighing 9lb 1oz so he wasn’t exactly a small baby to give birth to! I was very lucky and got away without any tears and I even got my wish to get rid of the placenta naturally (the less injections the better I say) – it was huge! So it totally makes sense as to why I was so big this time round. If anything caught me by surprise it was the after pains. I don’t remember having them with Roo and I think that’s because I’ve read they get worse the more children you have. I now know that’s what they were when I had Rabbit. I was suddenly in a lot of pain after she was born and I panicked because I didn’t know what they were or to expect them, but also the midwives didn’t really help. They didn’t explain that it’s normal or try and calm me down so looking back it’s no wonder I freaked out. All I can explain them as is like a second wave of contractions – which makes sense as it is your uterus contracting back down, but my gosh, third child, they hurt as much as the labour!


He is already 10 days old and I can’t believe how easily he has fitted into our family, it’s like he has always been here. His brother and sister both adore him and although we are losing some sleep I think he is doing really well.

I am so over the moon and in love with our little Jax, I know that I won’t have anymore children and in that respect he really has made it feel like our family is complete. I am soaking up every ounce of the newborn stage because I know he will grow so fast.

xXx For all your new adventures my darling, I wish you luck, love and happiness xXx




We’re home birthing! (Hopefully…)

Hello again,

After recently reporting that I had been rejected by the birth centre to have my baby due to my slightly over BMI, I am happy to say I have had great success in my quest for a home birth!


After my midwife asked me to speak to the consultant I was concerned that she was going to have to have the balls to tell me no because my midwife couldn’t, but I was totally wrong. She was actually really supportive and agreed that as my slight weight issue was my only complication at this stage that was not enough to stop me from having the baby at home. I say ‘at this stage’ because she said there are risks of further complications arising as a result of my BMI being higher and one of these of course could be the development of Gestational Diabetes. I have never had it before but I suppose it could now be a risk. I am going for a test in November – yay another reason for them to stick me with a needle, twice actually!

I am really happy with this result and feel a lot calmer now I have the support of my midwives as well, I just need to keep everything crossed that this stays as planned, and that I manage to avoid induction which she also said would be a key factor.

I reached 20 weeks this week which is exciting as it’s the halfway marker, however the next big milestone is our scan next Friday, I didn’t want to know what we were having this time originally, but I am now so convinced it’s a boy I want to find out just to satisfy my curiosity! – And buy some clothes of course.




So excited to have an email pop up just now, which told me I’ve had 100 likes since starting my blog last year! Yay! That’s made me so happy.



I know for some people that might not be a lot but it means a lot to me so I want to say a big thank you to all my readers and followers. I’m really hoping to stay on top of my writing this year so stay tuned 😀




The Last Year

Yesterday was my birthday!

Birthdays are one of those things that I sing and dance about for others but hate to make a fuss about my own. Especially since giving birth to my son on the 12th, all my efforts have focused on him for the last 6 birthdays. Today I found out it’s still ok to enjoy my birthday too.

Last year I worked, all day. I then came home to grumpy husband, tired kids and an evening of being replaced by an Xbox. This year it was very nearly the same, I wasn’t planning anything due to funding issues and thought I might just escape everyone knowing I only had one year left. However I decided to take the day off work and surprisingly after the reason for not being in work slipped out my friend sneaked me a bag of my fave chocolate; my hubby took the kids to and from school for me; my mum and dad took me out for lunch because they knew money was tight, bought me some unexpected gifts and I even got a lovely random voice message from a colleague at work. 

I didn’t do a lot and wasn’t expecting half of it but just those little things made it so special for me. 

It made me realise that I often think about others way more than myself and maybe I need to remember that I’m more than just someone’s wife, mummy and daughter. I really want to make the most of my last year, to hold on to it tight because I don’t really want to let it go. 

I never thought I would be nervous about being 30, losing my ‘youthful’ stage and saying goodbye to the most exciting decade of my life so far, until, I turned 29.

forget a cake im rocky roadin’ it this year!

(Here’s the recipe for the Rocky Road! Just done overheat your chocolate like I did 🙂 ) 


Time’s Slipping Away!

I cannot believe that this time next week, not only will I be a year older  (OK enough about that!) but it will already be half way through January- I feel like I’ve only just swallowed my Christmas Dinner!

One thing I haven’t done for a long time is write my blog. I know, I’m sorry! It’s always at the back of my mind and yet as things keep adding to ‘the list’, it inevitably gets pushed further and further down it.

It is frustrating as I love writing. I find that it often takes the stresses away from day to day life, but ironically it’s that hustle and bustle which prevents me from reaching the keyboard!

This new year, I decided not to make any formal resolutions, it is far too tempting to break them within the first month, however sitting here having a spontaneous blogging session, I have realised how much I miss it, and how much I have neglected my lovely followers.

So I think to myself, what can I manage? I still don’t think I can make any commitments to a daily blog this year, but time is slipping away and before I know it I will be saying Happy New Year again, so maybe, just maybe, I can try and manage it once a week for now.

Looking forward to this week, by the way. I have found it really hard to plan a birthday party on limited funds so let’s see if I can get my creative hat on and work a bit of magic 🙂