We’re running late – again!

Hello Hello!

I was having a chat with a friend the other day and we got onto the topic of school runs – you know the story, three kids and yourself to get ready and out of the door and no matter how early you get up you feel like you are always trying to beat the clock; well we got onto discussing make up routines.

I used to always go one way or the other, either full coverage, what I would wear on say, a weekend, or absolutely nothing. But I started feeling like I looked terrible when I wore nothing, but often didn’t have time to do a full face – I needed to find a compromise and so this is what I’m using at the moment as a mum-on-the-go, my go-to essentials for days when I don’t have time but don’t want to look like the walking dead either!

My skincare routine really isn’t up to scratch at all, I just quickly wipe round with a 3-in-1 facial wipe (usually whichever is on offer or at the supermarket I’m shopping in) and I don’t moisturise – I know, I know smack my hands!

I’ve started going for a BB cream as it’s getting into Spring and decided to go for the Garnier one – yes it’s anti-age, this was a complete accident although maybe the universe is trying to tell me something!!!



I sometimes apply a concealer but usually don’t bother (who has time for another product!) I add some blusher, currently I use L’oreal Le Blush and its shade is Rose Sandalwood,



I don’t bother with eyeshadow all the time, and at the moment when I’m running late I really don’t have time, so I just go straight to mascara and I’ve been using the same brand for about 10 years. I am using the Maybelline Great Lash in ‘Blackest Black’



I have been finding my lips are getting dry and so have started popping on some balm, I have never really worn gloss or lipstck so this is great for just popping on in a rush as there isn’t much of a colour so if you get it everywhere it’s not that bad – haha! I got this one for Christmas off my parents, it’s M&S Blackberry balm and it smells amazing!


This is it for my make up but just to add I also use Palmer’s hand cream (on orders of my mum!) as my hands are soooo dry all the time, and if I remember I’ll have a spritz of perfume, which at the moment is one I got for Christmas as well – Nina (the pink apple).



And this is the finished look – excuse the flat hair and awful eyebrows!

FullSizeRender (2)


It’s simple and subtle, but it makes me feel a bit more human. Let me know if there are any hacks you rely on or products you recommend – especially for eyebrows!

Speak soon!



My new life as a Hairy Dieter!

OK! So it’s not as personal as it sounds (I haven’t suddenly thrown up my arms and declared ‘I’ll never shave again’, promise!). No – I’m talking about becoming a dieter who has been totally inspired and hopefully on the way to being transformed by the Hairy Bikers going on a diet.

Now for those who don’t know me, I have struggled with my weight for over 10 years, having the children hasn’t helped either. I’ve tried every diet going and nothing has lasted longer than maybe, 12 months?

3 weeks ago I tuned into a programme about the Hairy Bikers trying to lose weight, hence Hairy Dieters! I hadn’t really seen anything about them before but it sounded interesting so I gave it a go. 60 minutes later I was hooked! I couldn’t believe how down to earth and real they were about their journey, how much they wanted to lose weight but still love their food – exactly how I felt. They found a way to cook all the usual things but in a way that really dropped the pounds. And the best thing about it was, I thought ‘I could do that!’

2 days after that programme I stopped everything, cold turkey! I dropped to 1500 calories a day, bought their second dieters cookbook, planned all my meals, and went back to drinking 1.5L of water a day (this was a habit I recently managed to take up after having an adversity to water since I was a child). I have to say one thing – that first week has never been so hard! There were so many times I could have jacked it all in, the cravings were pulling at me, the occasional hunger pangs felt horrible, but a Scottish oat cracker later and it subsided.

I haven’t given up yet! It will be 2 whole weeks tomorrow since I crossed the line. It may not seem long for most people but for me that’s 14 days of saying no thanks to everything I’ve got fat on, weaning myself off the sugar I was addicted to and drifting through a mine field of daily temptation. At first I couldn’t even watch the food network, it was too painful! 😀 but a week later and I finally felt in control, for the first time ever! I’m now weighing my food, counting my calories and still enjoying every meal. That book has saved me. Great thing is the children love the food too.

I’ve got a lot to lose and I’m taking it a day at a time, but I just really hope that was the last first week!



Just some of the gorgeous food I’ve had the pleasure of cooking and eating last week!