I’m moving!


I have been writing on Rabbit and Roo for a couple of years now and I love writing about my children, but recently I’ve wanted to get back some of me as an individual, not just as a mum. 

This blog has always felt very family focused but now I feel I need a space where I can write for myself as well as my children – so I have decided to move to a new blog!

The Diary of Emm is now live! and I am attempting to post daily so I would love it if you would follow me over to my new site! 

I am writing about what’s going on in my life day by day which is exciting because no one can know what’s around the corner. As well as regular posts about my chaotic brood and all they get up to. 

I want to thank my followers on R&R for your support so far and hope you will continue on the other side. So please feel free to check it out via the link above!

Thank You! 


Mother’s Day on a budget


So you thought I was going to list a load of cheap gifts to give your mum this weekend? Not quite. I know I won’t get any gifts off my children this weekend and it doesn’t bother me in the slightest.

You can easily do Mother’s Day on a budget, who needs a loads of tat that they won’t use? I was always bought up to buy gifts on Mother’s Day but as I’ve grown and become a parent myself (although I do still buy a little something for my mum) I now realise it’s really nothing to do with presents.

I am thankful every day for my children, and I see their love for me all the time, Mother’s Day is no exception. I see it when my daughter only wants me to put her to bed, when my son tells me he loves me to Pluto and back and from all the random little pictures they draw of us together.

So don’t stress about buying gifts this weekend, don’t feel bad or guilty or like you should have bought her more. Just spend time with your mum as much as you can not just on Sunday. Make memories, and maybe, every now and then, do the washing up!

Have fun!



Jack of all crafts – master of none. Help!


So this afternoon after scouring under my bed for some jewellery pliers, I stood back and surveyed the area. Suddenly it dawned on me, as I took note of my various collections, that I have delved into many crafts over the years. I am as it says in the title a true ‘Jack of all crafts, master of none’, and I hate it!

This is evidently my craft journey over the years…

  • I’ve dabbled in scrapbooking – starting with both of my children’s 1st year, but after weighing up the time to produce vs money I could charge people, never did anymore.
  • I tried face painting – using my kids as a canvas, and I even bought a practice head – I was convinced I could do this as a job but I never took it any further.
  • Before I had my children I would make cards for everyone and anyone – since the children were born I haven’t touched anything in that box.
  • I jumped on the bandwagon of Zentangle and adult colouring books a few months ago – I have only done 2 pictures to date.
  • I tried knitting for the first time last week, something I have never been able to get a hang of – I got half way through a simple 6×6 square of the most basic stitch, but as I noticed a hole form from losing the wool at some point I quickly put away at the back of the cupboard, needles still attached!
  • Pottery painting was a great activity I did once, I made a beautiful vase for my friend’s birthday and I was really pleased with the final product – however this was a bit of a pricey hobby and hence never did another one or followed through with my idea of getting my own kiln.
  • Looking for a nifty box for my sons Meccano screws at Christmas I came across my old jewellery making bits and bobs – I am still looking for those pliers.
  • I had a beautiful red stand mixer for Christmas year before last, I even christened it Betty – but since my diet started in January I haven’t done any baking in 2016 😦
  • Crocheting has been self-taught and a passion for 18 months now – but I’m frustrated that I haven’t fathomed out how to write my own patterns yet.
  • I even bought a tile cutter for mosaics – this is still in the packet.

As you can tell I am a very keen crafter, there isn’t anything – bar knitting – in that list that I didn’t enjoy doing and I would enjoy doing them again, however I am very frustrated crafter. I really, really want to be able to master a craft, to fine tune it and if I can give up my day job and make a living off doing it – even better! (I’m in awe of sellers on Etsy.) But I need help.

Is there anyone out there who has mastered their craft?

Have you become a craft supremo?

Have you even fulfilled the dream of it being your day job?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, please could you take the time to leave me some advice in the comments box? I’d be ever so grateful, and who knows your words of wisdom could be just what I need to tap my talent and stop me from shelving yet another lost hobby.


Photo Source: justbestcovers.com



So excited to have an email pop up just now, which told me I’ve had 100 likes since starting my blog last year! Yay! That’s made me so happy.



I know for some people that might not be a lot but it means a lot to me so I want to say a big thank you to all my readers and followers. I’m really hoping to stay on top of my writing this year so stay tuned 😀




Time’s Slipping Away!

I cannot believe that this time next week, not only will I be a year older  (OK enough about that!) but it will already be half way through January- I feel like I’ve only just swallowed my Christmas Dinner!

One thing I haven’t done for a long time is write my blog. I know, I’m sorry! It’s always at the back of my mind and yet as things keep adding to ‘the list’, it inevitably gets pushed further and further down it.

It is frustrating as I love writing. I find that it often takes the stresses away from day to day life, but ironically it’s that hustle and bustle which prevents me from reaching the keyboard!

This new year, I decided not to make any formal resolutions, it is far too tempting to break them within the first month, however sitting here having a spontaneous blogging session, I have realised how much I miss it, and how much I have neglected my lovely followers.

So I think to myself, what can I manage? I still don’t think I can make any commitments to a daily blog this year, but time is slipping away and before I know it I will be saying Happy New Year again, so maybe, just maybe, I can try and manage it once a week for now.

Looking forward to this week, by the way. I have found it really hard to plan a birthday party on limited funds so let’s see if I can get my creative hat on and work a bit of magic 🙂



Has my absence made your heart grow fonder?

Hi! So sorry I haven’t posted for a while. I’m studying at uni as well as working and with the end of year exam looming, let’s just say life is getting in the way at the moment. 

One of the things I read when I was starting this blog was to be consistent. Well I think I have mastered the art of being consistently inconsistent! I sit here often and want to write on the blog but I just haven’t had the gusto lately. My mojo has left the building, but I hope not for long.

Once my exam is done and dusted I’ll have four months of free evenings to fill with blogging to you fabulous people. So please bear with me, I’ll be back soon…

Miss you